Core Banking Transformation

Help in a bank business migration from one system to another

30% Reduction of expenses due to the IT infrastructure optimizing of a Bank
MIN Minimizing of time for transferring from one system to another
  • Core Banking Transformation is a process of changes in global, central systems and operational business processes of a Bank
  • CBT is a project, where ALL bank employees take part. Key part is to the TOP management, methodologist and IT
  • ABS change (Core Banking System) is not a transfer from one system to another, it is a full building of the whole IT landscape of a Bank. For ABS is involved in 20-200 structure depending on the size of a Bank, supporting business structures

Our approach as a Business Integrator

Functions and Tasks in the project

We are a Business Integrator

  • Minimal efforts by the businessOur business analytics will hold an interview, prepare business requirements and coordinate them with you
  • Reducing efforts of a Bank’s IT serviceYour IT service will be able to get an optimal solution for your Bank together with our system analysts and system architects.
  • Optimal solution for your taskChoose an optimal solution for your Bank together with our experts, specializing in the basic modern platforms and systems
  • We undertake functionality testingOur specialists will test a developed solution in compliance with both functional and business requirements

Project scope

Complete change of a Bank IT landscape

Migration tasks

  • Determination of the future Bank landscape
  • Data gathering and estimation of values and a profitability of transferring (Products, Clients), determination of a complexity and resource-intensiveness of a transfer
  • Compiling a list of business products subject to migration
  • Determination of Clients/Products subject to transferring, removing from a Bank
  • ТО-ВЕ business processes description for each migrating product
  • Preparation of business and functional requirements on customization and integration of the new ABS
  • Integration of an assuming ABS with external Bank systems
  • Data preparation and migration
  • System testing, education of Bank employees

Project Example

Migration of a Corporate and SMB business in UniCredit Bank with MIDAS in FLEXCUBE in 2015 – 2016.

  • Implementation of Kondor+ TP for FX, MM, derivative financial instruments automation
  • Transferring of corporate clients deposits to Kondor+ TP
  • Preparing of Business position and functional requirements, participating in implementation of Central payment module (Payment HAB)
  • Implementation, integration and setting up of Account Engine
  • Modifying and setting up of BARS GL General Ledger
  • Multipurpose modifying and setting up of BARS REP system of report building
  • Multipurpose modifying of the Single Data Vault on the SAS platform
  • Transferring MIS and PROGNOZ to the SAS Single Data Vault
  • Implementation of the new unified chart of accounts (Central Bank, IFRS and MIS)
  • Over 20 complex BI reports were built

Our advantages

We are experts in the banking business


Business analytics with the real working experience on the key positions in TOP10 banks

Large-scale “turnkey” projects with the further guarantee and support


Projects from business ideas to an implementation with the amount of more than 700 person-days

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