Misys FusionCapital

Bank automation on financial markets

100+ Over 100 types of financial instruments including complex financial instruments
9 months for a “turnkey” implementation
STP Front-to-back solution on a “turnkey” basis
100% Localized solution, full compliance with the requirements of the Central Bank
  • Instruments of the Russian market: SPOT, Options, ETD FX SWAP, ETD FX Forward. SWAP, NDF, FRA, IAM Deposit, DCD Deposit, Futures, IRS/CIRS, CAP, FLOOR, COLLAR
  • Liquidity and Cash Flow Management
  • Built-in real-time functions of risk management
  • Reducing the time of transactions, increasing the efficiency of the back office by 20 - 30%

Solution structure

The solution covers all types of Bank transactions on financial markets

The system functionality

Transactions processing

  • End-to-end integration with the front-office systems
  • Creation of UTI-code using in repository reporting
  • Automatic filling in counterparty’s payment instructions of a transaction based on Static Data SSI. A possibility to edit payment instructions
  • Automatic opening of accounts for a transaction
  • Automatic generation and sending of SWIFT-confirmations

Settlement of transactions

  • Automatic checks under validation of an outgoing payment, automatic validation of a cash inflow through a nostro account
  • Generating and sending currency payment messages (SWIFT MT202, MT103, MT103 with MT202COV), SWIFT MT210 to the Swift Alliance
  • Generating and sending ruble payment messages, payment batches or banking electronic immediate payment (ruble payment request including payment request on taxes) to Payment Hub


  • Automatic inclusion of payments in netting, a possibility of manual exclusion
  • Automatic generation of SWIFT confirmations MT399


  • Uploading of accounting events at the end of the day and generation of all entries in the General Ledger (chapter A, chapter D)
  • Automatic generation of entries for the transfer by the terms of chapter D

Our approach as a Business Integrator

Implementation stages

We are a Business Integrator

  • Minimal efforts by the businessOur business analytics will hold an interview, prepare business requirements and coordinate them with you
  • Reducing efforts of a Bank’s IT serviceYour IT service will be able to get an optimal solution for your Bank together with our system analysts and system architects.
  • Optimal solution for your taskChoose an optimal solution for your Bank together with our experts, specializing in the basic modern platforms and systems
  • We undertake functionality testingOur specialists will test a developed solution in compliance with both functional and business requirements

Implementation stages

Our partners

Project Example

Implementation of Kondor+TP back-office system in UniCredit Bank

  • The back-office system Kondor+TP was implemented by several integrators and, as a result, did not function and operated incorrectly and with errors, unless RBtechnologies joined the project. RBtechnologies experts carried out a significant work on the project changing, a correct implementation and adjustment of the system Kondor+TP to the extent necessary to the client.
  • Kondor+TP setting up with the Sybase DB
  • Converting the interface to the users’ needs, running the transaction validation
  • RBtechnologies’ own development is Accounting Model, solving problems related to the localization of the system in accordance with legal requirements, including the generation of accounting in accordance with RAS and the formation of necessary statutory reporting
  • SWIFT integration, an activation of sending payment orders to SWIFT
  • SWIFT external service integration – Accord Matching. RBtechnologies experts implemented an adjustment and installation.
  • Activation of the system work with the local currency (rubles). Development of UniCredit's special work features with the internal business processes.
  • External front-office integration, particularly with self-build and customized systems within the bank. We also carried out the integration of the bank applications system bus with the system bus inside of the Misys systems, using in the bank.

Our advantages

We are experts in the banking business


Business analytics with the real working experience on the key positions in TOP10 banks

Large-scale “turnkey” projects with the further guarantee and support


Projects from business ideas to an implementation with the amount of more than 700 person-days

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